Minimalist Play Tent

Minimalist Play Tent

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Designed with simplicity in mind, our most versatile play tent never goes out of style. It's perfect to soften a colourful space, encourage natural light or throw it into a sea of monochrome & watch it thrive. 

Because kids LOVE to test the durability of anything and everything, our play tents are handmade with love & 100% cotton canvas. The wooden frame measures 120cm high, 120cm deep & the width is adjustable. They also come with a clothing rack converter kit, to mix it up. The width for the clothing rack is 40cm.

Play tents are perfect for that little space that needs that special something for that little someone! They love little mess makers running through them, being read in, hidden in, slept in, taken outside every now and then but most of all, they love it when imaginations thrive in them!

Your play tent will also come in a Zee & Friends carry bag, perfect for packing it up and taking it to the park, the beach or anywhere you fancy! For the ultimate setup, checkout our range of coordinating play mats, beanbags & cushions.