Who are we?

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Humble beginnings.

I remember it so clearly! My bestie Liv, had made the suggestion of getting my daughter Zahli (Zee) a teepee for Christmas in 2013 and the idea instantly took me back to my childhood where I used to spend hours upon hours in my cubby house doing what kids do best, imagine.

We were sold on the idea and together we began our search of the world wide web for the ultimate teepee. It turns out it was HARD to find one that everything on our hit list. We wanted one with personality, style, one that was 'on point' and one that was different from everything else we had come across. A lot of thoughts just for a teepee decision right? 

Once we got to this point, we decided to try our hand at learning some new skills and making our own teepee. Neither of us had ever sewn before or even looked sideways at a sewing machine, yet off we went to purchase one and after many hours that turned into days of learning to thread the machine, eventually a teepee was created and a vision was born. What started as a passion project to fill the weekends, began to evolve into something much bigger than Zahli's teepee when we realised how much we enjoyed bringing kids' spaces to life. 

Since then, I have had another mover and shaker, Harper, Liv has now spread her wings into the nursing field and is helping countless people everyday, my husband Matt is our resident tools man and makes our A-frames for the clothing racks and we have grown our product range to encompass lots of interior pieces. Our goal is to enable parents to liven the imaginations of the next generation through their living environment. Everything we sell is handmade and designed with our number one customer in mind, kids. 

We get incredibly passionate about continually exploring new ways for kids to have FUN and we hope we inspire you to create a space that unlocks the imagination of a little one you know and watch them fall in love with their little world just as much as Zahli did with her original teepee.

With love from Sydney,

Sarah x
Co-founder of Zee & Friends  

Zahli and Harper

Sarah and Matt

Liv and Sarah