The word ‘tipi’ originates from the Lakota word ‘thipi’, meaning ‘a dwelling’ or ‘they dwell’.

A teepee (tipi) is a Native American (Plains Indian) home. The original Plains Indian teepees were made of buffalo hide tied around long wooden poles. Teepees use a fold as a doorway, and when the day begins that fold opens towards the rising sun.

When the village would come together, the tepees would face the inner circle so the children could play in the open space, under the watchful eyes of their mothers. If the fold was open, it was an invitation to enter. But if the fold was closed, you needed to announce yourself and wait for an invitation to enter, even if you lived there!

A guest always sat to the left of the head of the teepee, who always sat furthest from the door. Everyone knew and everyone followed these rules.

Whether you chose to use your teepee the way the Native Americans used theirs or, create your own traditions, Zee & Friends are happy to bring this imagination and love into your world.