So, this is a blog.


A quick google search of this word and a click of the images tab and I am immediately bombarded with a plethora of quotes about how procrastination is basically the devil. Yet this is how I decide to start my blog, by sharing this with you.
Because I am a fiend for procrastination and always have been. I have been 'meaning' to start a blog months ago and always found a reason to do ANYTHING else.
There's that question again.

Once I sift through the stream of conscious in my head, it all boils down to this:
It is new, it is uncomfortable, maybe a little bit hard, therefore it is easier to do the things I know I am good at (online shopping, styling rooms, sending annoying group text messages, trying to make my kids laugh, etc.) I don't even know if this is relevant to you or if you care, I mean why should you? You're likely just as busy as I am and why spend your time reading about how I procrastinate? Could there be something in it for you?

I'll level with you, I have no idea what I am doing. This is a huge journey for me and I want to keep it unfiltered and as real as possible. I am new to running my own business and hustling hard to grow it into this beautiful vision that I have in my head. I am new to writing down my thoughts, I used to when I was younger but somehow as I became an adult, my freedom of thought voice became diluted. I am new to online retail, to designing and creating interior pieces that I am passionate about, I am new to growing my social media following, increasing brand awareness, online marketing, getting people to actually visit my website, I am basically a newborn except for the fact that I can feed myself with a spoon!

Thinking about that concept, I am flooded with a lot of thoughts. Some of them are frightening and deterring but the majority of them are F***ING EXCITING! I am 28, with a new world at my fingertips filled with boundless opportunity where I get to continually learn, make new relationships and above all, live a life with purpose.

So join me for what is sure to be the beginning of something next level, a place where you can escape to get an an honest brain dump of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and hey, I’ll be sharing plenty of awesome room inspo your way too!

Until next time,

Sarah x



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